Gorilla Bomb


Gorilla Bomb cannabis strain’s high will strap you to the couch if you don’t mind the dosage. This potent strain does start with a calm and joyous euphoria that slowly rolls into a sedative relaxation.

THC: >25%

CBD: < 1%

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As a Sativa dominant hybrid the immediate effect of smoking Gorilla Bomb is uplifting and energetic. The powerful head rush will continue to roll over you in waves until you are firmly settled in to a deep relaxing euphoria. But be warned, this is not classed as one of the strongest strains on the planet for fun! If you continue to hit on this, it will very quickly stick you to your couch like its famous namesake Gorilla Glue.

The flavour is a superb blend of sweet and sour chocolate, followed by the distinct fuel after-tang thanks to its diesel heritage. This taste is initially quite subtle but really builds in the mouth so the exhale has a very potent flavour. When growing Glue Bomb you can really go to town with nutrients in the later stages of Vegetation and all throughout flowering, if you feed her well you will be rewarded with very thick dense buds that absolutely drip with resin. In fact, this is how the original Gorilla Glue got her name, the resin production was so extensive it would “glue” trimming scissors together after just a matter of minutes.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

strong af

this dank bud gets you super ******. gives you a mental high but very sedating. smoke to much of this and you will be melting into your bed or couch. flavour is very nice